Bangoura-African Dance Company

A colorful group of percussionists and dancers 

lead by Saboula,

 a Djembe Master from Guinea- West Africa

!Celebrating 15 years of African dance in Israel

.A spectacle of energetic rhythm and sensual uplifting dance

colorful outfits,

 ,cultural, musical and visual experience

New choreographic that combine the African with the modern and

!contemporary dance

about our creation 


 , African homage to Genesis

 as we learn from Kabala as well as African old tail

Adam & Eve was created connected back to back in the beginning and 

after eating the apple they separated

the ballet shows as a sensual story from a new born world 

 West African rhythm and choreography. The soloist and manager of the troupe is Sabula Bangoura who is a master drummer and composer from Guinea Conakry

the trailer 


:For more details contact

Rachel Bangoura

00-972 -4-6373966.054-5716489